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You do your bit, we’ll do ours


At, we’ll do everything we can to secure your data and make sure your order gets to you as quickly as we can. From the moment you submit your first order or register for an account, we’ll keep your data safe.

To keep your data safe, we need our customers to make sure you’re keeping your web browser updated to the latest versions. This one action will make sure that you have done everything you can to protect yourselves. We’ll do the rest.


Encrypted Connection


We protect your connection to using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption method. This means all the data you enter into our website is encrypted. So when you hit complete the form, you data is securely passed to our server. 

Most web browsers are different when showing if a website is securely connected with you. Safari and Firefox shows a grey padlock next to the website address. Google Chrome shows a green padlock for safe connections and red for unsafe connections.


Strong Passwords on your Account


We really appreciate that you have set up a customer account with us. To keep your data safe, we would recommend that when choosing a password, you use a mix of upper and lower case letters with at least 1 special character like ‘@!£$*?’. Try not to use names of places or people that you know, as these can be easily located.

When creating accounts, most web browsers will ask if you want to save your username and password. This is a great feature if you are on your own computer but please make sure you click “no” when you are on a computer that is not your own.


Data we will never ask you for


We have our own access to our customers accounts, which allows us to see your account details, orders etc. We will never ask you to provide your password to your account. We will never ask you to provide this information over the phone, email or in our store.


Contact us if you have any questions


If you have any questions, please email us at We’re happy to answer any of your questions. If you have been sent an email that you feel may be malicious, please forward us a copy of the email so that we can investigate further.